Wednesday, June 1, 2016

One less

Much has happened since we said our temporary goodbye to Ariya last week.  First I will get to the meat of the message then I will fill in the details of the past few days.
Today (6/1) we had court.  Court went so smoothly and we were awarded the honor of being Ariya's parents.  The 10 day wait has also been waived which means our time in Ukraine will be that much shorter.
Pre-court selfie

We now begin the 2nd stage of the adoption which is gathering a new birth certificate, passport, medical exams, Embassy visits for a Visa, etc.  Basically lots of running around!  As of today we officially have a new Senti!

Secretly taken court room pics!

Rewind to yesterday.  We flew back to Ukraine and arrived late Monday night.  Tues. we went to visit Ariya for the first time in a week.  I was nervous!  She had not yet become super comfortable with us yet.  Would she remember us?  Would she still have to be forced to come see us?  Well I need not have worried.  As we waited outside the staff brought her out to us.  She saw us, took a second and then ran down the stairs and into Thad's arms.  It was a beautiful thing.  She then gave me a hug and we all had a glorious group hug.  My mom is on this trip too so even she was granted some notice by Ariya.  We had a great hr. long visit until she decided to be done with us.  The visit was full of great things.  We saw many facets of her from affection, to stubbornness to laughter and silliness to defiance.  When she was saying goodbye to us she asked if we could take her with us in the car.  I wish we could have right then and there.  Little does she know that will happen soon enough!

Our apartment in Krivoy Rog

It has been such a good couple of days!  Tomorrow we start early again with much driving and paperwork.  I don't know if we will have the chance to see Ariya tomorrow but I hope so!  I want to thank everyone for the thoughts and prayers so far.  They have been heard and they have been felt.  This adoption is so clearly a work of our Father.  His hand is in every step.  We're so lucky!


  1. Praise The Lord! :)
    You don't know me, but I was especially attracted to Rebecca on RR (probably because of our shared name) and I have been following your blog since you committed to her. I have been praying hard for your family as you have gone through this speedy adoption process. I am SO delighted that Rebecca has a family now! Isn't God good?!!!

  2. The photos are just beautiful - she's just so comfortable being held and loved! Happy tears for you all!