Friday, May 20, 2016

Last visit

We just returned from our last visit with Ariya before we head home for a week.  As she came down the stairs and saw us waiting she ran over and greeted us each with a hug.  It was wonderful.  We had such a nice little visit.  I say little because after 40 min. or so she decided she had enough of us so she marched back into the orphanage and blew us goodbye kisses.  It was nice that she was so receptive of us today.  It is hard knowing now she won't see us for a week.
Tonight we are taking the overnight train to Kiev and we will catch a flight home on Sunday.  We will be home for the week as we try and get our other kids organized and make sure all is good at home. Then on June 1 we have to be back in Krivoy Rog for court.  Then lots of paperwork and boring stuff until we can take Ariya home!

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