Monday, May 16, 2016

A time for rest

This weekend has been a time for us to regroup and relax a bit.  Tomorrow - Tuesday - we will get up early and be taken to Ariya's institution where we will ride with her and their driver to another large city about 4 hrs. away.  This is exciting for us because it is a necessary step to allow us to bring her home.  It is not so exciting for Ariya.  She will once again leave everything she knows.  She will be stuck in a car with 2 virtual strangers who can't even speak her language.  She will then be brought to an unfamiliar place and expect to call that place "home".  I can only imagine how hard this will be on her.  She has lost so much in her 12 years.  She has been taken from all she knows too many times.  The thought that she has to say yet another goodbye tomorrow breaks my heart.  She is not going to understand.  Please pray for her emotional protection.  Tomorrow will be a hard day.
While here we have had the chance to meet an amazing woman that I am so glad to call a friend.  Sasha works endlessly in her free time to bring medication, clothes, supplies, to orphans here.  She gathers donations for institutions like Ariya's.  She visits those in need at the hospital, at orphanages, and at homes for the elderly.  I admire her so much.  We were taken around the city and had a wonderful weekend.

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  1. There are a lot of Peppa Pig episodes in Ukranianon youtube. Download them and take them with you for the ride. It would entertain her all the way. Some childrens songs in Ukranian would help too.