Thursday, March 3, 2016

Watch winner

I want to first thank everyone who participated in our Apple Watch giveaway and so generously donated to Rebecca.  Thad and I can not express our gratitude enough.  Thank you!
Second, we are going to be having 1 more giveaway before we bring Rebecca home.  It will be announced later - this might appeal more to the men out there - although not to be sexist I'm sure many women will like it as well.  Stay tuned...
So for the Apple Watch - we had 33 different people contribute for a total of 365 entries.  This morning using our winner was chosen:  Hollie Blagg
So Hollie Blagg, please feel free to contact us at and let us know your watch band color preference, watch face size (you can view choices HERE), as well as shipping address.  We will have Apple ship it direct to you.

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