Wednesday, March 30, 2016

What's in a name?

Names are important.  Our new daughter already has a name.  I am not allowed - due to country restrictions - to divulge her real name.  She is almost 12 years old so her name is a part of her.  I don't know if whoever named her put any effort into naming her.  Was it given out of love?  Was it just given in a similar fashion to "Jane Doe"?  What I do know is that I want her to have a name picked out of love.  A name picked just for HER.  She will be losing much though when we adopt her.  I struggle with taking her given name from her so we are keeping an open mind about it.  What we have done is picked a name that just happens to resemble her current name.  It is a bit more "American" but most important it was picked out of love just for her.  Ariya Joy.
I am so anxious to meet her.  I'm full of anxiety as well.  I can't wait!

                                    For Ariya


Friday, March 18, 2016


We heard on Thursday that our dossier was officially submitted in Ukraine!  This is the final step before getting travel dates.  The government will review all our paperwork and make sure all is in order and then they will give us an appointment date for us to view Rebecca's file.  We are so close!
Also I want to thank everyone who has given so generously to this adoption.  I am speechless and humbled.  To one special "anonymous" donor - we are overwhelmed and just so thankful.  I just don't even have the words to properly thank everyone.  Please know that we don't take any donation for granted.  Each bit is a blessing.
I have a couple of prayer requests.  We have a bit more info regarding where Rebecca is located and some obstacles we could possibly face.  Please pray that any obstacle be removed.  Pray for a smooth and speedy process.  I have a couple of unspoken requests as well - just prayers in general for our family,
Thank you all so much.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Watch winner

I want to first thank everyone who participated in our Apple Watch giveaway and so generously donated to Rebecca.  Thad and I can not express our gratitude enough.  Thank you!
Second, we are going to be having 1 more giveaway before we bring Rebecca home.  It will be announced later - this might appeal more to the men out there - although not to be sexist I'm sure many women will like it as well.  Stay tuned...
So for the Apple Watch - we had 33 different people contribute for a total of 365 entries.  This morning using our winner was chosen:  Hollie Blagg
So Hollie Blagg, please feel free to contact us at and let us know your watch band color preference, watch face size (you can view choices HERE), as well as shipping address.  We will have Apple ship it direct to you.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Guess what we did today??

  I am so excited!  Yesterday we sent off our entire dossier to Rebecca's country!  It feels so good to have all that paperwork out of my hands.  I'll be nervously watching the FedEx tracking until I know it is there safely.  Seriously, there is a lot of blood, sweat, and tears involved in those papers!

The only piece missing is our USCIS approval - our government's approval for us to adopt basically.  We were given an appt. to be federally fingerprinted for March 7 so today we walked into that office with the hope of being fingerprinted immediately.  Well, they said "yes" so now that huge hurdle is done as well!  As soon as we have that final approval and get that sent to her country we are DONE.   Our part will be done.  Except waiting.  Our paperwork in country will need to be translated and then submitted to their government.  Oh we are so close now!
In other news, stay tuned on Mar. 3 for the winner of the Apple Watch.