Wednesday, January 13, 2016

He whispered

It has been a long time since I have been to this dusty blog of mine.  As a quick update - everyone is doing great.  Ember continues to grow and thrive.  She is full of personality for her little size!  A constant stream of questions are asked by her daily.  She had pretty major surgery this summer and spent most of her summer in casts on both legs.  She finally was able to start walking again and right before Christmas she fell at school and broke her femur!  Ouch!  She is back in a cast and wheelchair until at least the end of January.  She somehow is still one of the most positive and happy individuals that I know.  She is a gift for sure.
This update however is not about Ember.  I am not sure how to even start with this.  Our life is good.  We are busy, content, settled.  We certainly don't need anything else on our plate!  In December I was reading through the blogs of fellow adoptive families like I always do.  I have read them for the past 4 years and have never been affected like I was that day.  I read this post on Julia Nalle's blog.
I followed the link to Rebecca.  I watched this video.  I felt crushed.  There is no other way to describe it.  I cried and couldn't get her out of my mind.  At that point I asked Thad to take a look at the video and to please pray for Rebecca and to pray that a family finds her.
God was whispering to us.  Both us fervently prayed daily that a family would step up.  At that same time we also each felt so drawn to her.  We talked lightly about adding her to our family but we just weren't ready to accept that we were being asked to do that.  We don't have the means to pay the ridiculous costs it takes to save a child like this.  God kept at us.  We began thinking that maybe we were meant to be her family.  It is a terribly scary thought for us.  Don't get me wrong - we have plenty of love for her.  We would love to just scoop her up tomorrow and wrap our arms around her and love her forever.  We want to protect her.  To keep her warm.  To comfort her.  The task of getting from where we are today and the point where we get to hold her is daunting.  It is a mountain. We are listening to that whisper however.  We are trusting God to make this possible.  It is a miracle that she was brought to our attention.  It is a miracle that we heard a quiet whisper telling us "she is yours".  Our God is a God of miracles and it will be a miracle when we get to hold our new daughter.


  1. we (some friends and I) have been specifically praying for Rebecca's family to find her! I'm so so so so glad you did!! We will continue to pray for you and for Rebecca and look forward to following your journey to bringing her home!!! We <3 you for rescuing her!!! YAY GOD!!!

  2. As your mom I am so proud of you and Thad! You have made the decision to obey God who whispered to you that He has something special He wants you to do. He never promised it would be easy but He did promise that his gracious is always sufficient and He never gives us more than we can handle. You will be wonderful and loving parents for Rebecca. She is so precious and I love her already. I am praying for all of you. Mom G

  3. Dear Senti Family,
    Congratulations! You don't know me, but sweet Rebecca has been on my heart for some time. She is so very precious. I am so grateful that she will be getting a family, love, and protection! Thank you for stepping out in faith. When I saw her in the "My Family Found Me" page today, I was so happy and said a prayer of thanks to God. I have prayed for this little one many times, and now she will finally have a real home! I hope that the process goes well, she is able to come home quickly. I will pray for God to protect her and prepare her for joining her family. God bless your beautiful family 😊

  4. Praising the Lord for your faithfulness to Him!!! On July 3rd, we read Julia's blog and knew we were suddenly called to adoption - and now Toby is our son and has been home for 2.5 weeks! Rebecca was one of Toby's good friends. We did not get to meet her, unfortunately, because we were the ones who found out that she and Charlie had been transferred. We have been praying fervently for them ever since and now Toby joins us as we pray for his friends. He was so happy to hear that Rebecca has a family coming for her now! We will continue to pray for you and contribute to your adoption as we can and we look forward to following you on your journey! Our blog is: God bless you!!!

  5. I second Sarah's words. I also follow Julia's blog and was heartbroken to hear Rebecca and Charlie were transferred. I literally shouted for joy when I read she had been matched. Many prayers for you as you progress in your adoption!

  6. Rebecca has a family!!! I also follow Julia's blog. I think a lot of people have been praying for her!

  7. Thank you SO much for being faithful and listening to the voice of our heavenly Father!!! Rebecca has been on my heart since I first heard about her being transferred out of her orphanage! You have my prayers for God to bring her into yiur living family soon!!

  8. Julia is a friend of mine from high school and I've praying for your daughter ever since that blog as well.. So encouraged to hear the answers to my prayers as I read post. :)