Sunday, January 24, 2016

Cost of a life

I thought people might be interested in knowing exactly what the costs are to adopt a child from Eastern Europe.  Where does the money go?
Unfortunately money is an obstacle that prevents many families from considering adoption.  Lets face it, it is expensive.  Ridiculously so.
We as a family live a comfortable but not elaborate lifestyle.  We get by each month with not much extra but enough to cover bills and meet our needs.  In all honesty we will have a very hard time coming up with and saving the approx. $28,000 needed for an adoption.
I believe we are being called to adopt Rebecca.   We have a loving and ready home with good health insurance and a warm bed for her.  We have emptied our savings and given every extra penny we have to her adoption and will continue to do so.  That still leaves us very short.  We need help.    Prayer is critical and we rely on that, prayers for our family and for Rebecca.   People can also spread our blog around, click on the "donate" button on the right side of the blog or cash/checks can be sent to us at:
2162 52nd Ave.
Zeeland, MI  49464
The more people that read about our journey the more people that can pray or contribute.  The last way people can help is by donating to our adoption.  This is difficult to ask for.  Asking for money is NOT fun, it is NOT easy.  But the reality is that we can NOT bring Rebecca home without that help.

Here is the breakdown of our expenses for her adoption:
Homestudy fees:   $1600 - Paid!
Post-placement reports - $1100
Reece's Rainbow Voice of Hope fund - $250 - Paid!
Reece's Rainbow application fee - $25 - Paid!
USCIS (fees to pay the US gov. to approve our adoption) - $702 - Paid!
Biometric fingerprints - $255 -Paid!
Marriage Certificates - $176 - Paid!
Passport Renewal - $220 - Paid!
Local police clearance - $125 - Paid!
FBI police clearance - $30 - Paid!
First documents sent to country - $124 - Paid!
Additional postage - $200
Appostille fees - $275
Adoption Facilitator fees - $9400 ($900 paid upfront, the balance due in country)
Airfare to country - $5000 - depending on number of trips needed
Living expenses in country for 5 wks - $4000
Travel in country - $900
Child's medical appt. for Visa - $220
Child's Visa application - $325
Child's passport fees - $500
Child's airfare home - $800
Misc. expenses -$1000
Total estimated costs:  $27,227.00


  1. Each step of the way, may His provision and protection be evident.