Sunday, September 15, 2013

I had no choice

Nope, I had no choice at all.  You see, the past month or so our family has been witnessing a miracle.  I honestly doubted I would see the day.  I mean I hoped.  I prayed.  But I still had my doubts.   Ember started to take independent steps.  At home as of yesterday she will ask us to stand her up and she will walk across the room or even around the kitchen.  Pretty impressive.
Yesterday Ember and I headed to Philadelphia.  Our 13th trip in 2 years.  Wow.  However I believe her Dr. here is a big part of how well she is doing. Today we had the day to relax.  Ember wanted nothing to do with relaxing.  She loves staying at the Ronald McDonald House.
Well Ember must feel like she has something to prove.  She has insisted on walking everywhere!  She walks from our room on the 2nd floor to the elevator, into the elevator, out on the 1st floor, through the kitchen to the play area - completely unassisted.  Then she wanted to walk out to the car and back - uphill.  She's been going nonstop.  Amazing!  

She blows me away with her spirit and determination. I am learning to never say "never" and not to underestimate the miracles my Lord can show me. So, what was I to do? Well it was clear - the girl needed new shoes of course!

Shiny, sparkly, new shoes picked out by the princess herself! Miracles are real. I witness them daily.


  1. Look at the picture in the upper right of this blog and then look at her running around. Tell me you don't believe in the miracles only He can provide.

  2. I agree with what Annette said! When I first showed Merideth the picture that you posted from the airplane yesterday, she said who is that? I told her it was Ember! She said but mom, she is just a cute little baby! That can't be her :o Seeing this sweet girl walking brings tears of joy to my eyes. Thank you for not thinking me crazy when I reached out to you after you all committed to adopt her. I love it that I know that I spent many nights praying for a little girl in Eastern Europe to have her family. So thankful that you are that family and she is doing so well.

  3. Wow! What a determined little girl! Amazing.

  4. Way to go Ember!! Such a blessing to watch her grow and learn. Praising God for this miracle! Thank you for sharing this.

  5. My kids will be SOOO excited to hear the news! Thank you for sharing. I wish we could see the pics but for some reason we are still unable to view them. :( Give her a hug for me. I'm so happy that God sent you the "medicine" you needed! Stay encouraged. Hugs, Grace

  6. Happy for sweet Ember. And, especially happy for your Mama-Heart!! I know it hasn't been an easy journey and I pray for you and your family often. Hoping for some good things to come out of this current visit to Philly. ~ Jo