Sunday, October 14, 2012

post surgery

Surgery went good - pretty much as expected. She will wear a cast now for 3 weeks till we come back for her followup. Right now she is quite uncomfortable. Her pain meds take the edge off but she cries lots and complains of "owie elbow." Poor sweetie. Tomorrow we see her leg surgeon and I pray I don't hear the word surgery come out of his mouth! Ember is such a trooper and its hard to see her hurt. On the homefront it appears one of our little dogs got taken by a coyote. I am so sad about this. I think its cause I've been a lonely emotional mess here and I wish I could have prevented it. We'll be home Tuesday night and it will be nice to be home!


  1. Praying for pain relief immediately! I can not believe how much she looks like a little girl and not a toddler anymore. May travel mercies and swift healing be reigned down for heaven!

  2. Many hugs and prayers for Ember tonight! Love you guys, Grace