Saturday, July 28, 2012

"Thank you mommy"

Getting Ember ready for bed every night is no quick affair. In addition to the usual diaper change, pj-putting-on, teeth brushing I also put splints on either her wrists or her elbows. I try and alternate. She doesn't love them because they stretch her while she sleeps but she accepts them. Now that her hip surgery is over I have to add another bit to our routine. She gets knee immobilizers put on and then an ace bandage wrapped around mid thigh to knees like a mermaid. This is to keep her hips stretching while she sleeps. She is quite the bundle after all is said and done. So last night I was going through our routine and was just finishing wrapping up her legs. As I finished this little pixie voice says to me "thank you mommy." Be still my heart. I wanted to cry. Ember is an amazing little girl. The rest of our trip to/from Philly went well. Ember stayed comfortable during the trip and she is pretty much back to normal. We will need to return to Shriner's in about 4 wks. for a follow-up. Here are some pictures from Em's surgery.

After Ember was discharged she fell asleep on the floor and Sienna surrounded her with all their toys.

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  1. Can I cry now??? I am SOOO happy for you. You are so blessed.... that pic of Sienna with Ember is TOO SWEET! Hugs, Grace