Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Is she able to stand on her own yet?

This morning I had breakfast with someone who asked me this question.  "Is she able to stand yet on her own?"  This question has been asked of me by her for months.  Every time my answer is the same.  "Not yet.  But she is getting stronger.  She'll get there, it just may take a while."  Today for the first time I am actually wondering if Ember will ever be able to walk on her own.  Because I am around her every day, and I take her to every therapy appointment I don't see the progress.  I know she is able to bear weight, and I know she'll be able to balance in a standing position.  But taking steps I'm just not sure of.  Certainly there are worse things than not walking on your own but I sure want that for her. 
It has been a bit of a crazy few weeks.  A little over a week ago I ended up in the emergency room.  For 24 hrs. I had the worst heartburn.  I was nauseous and could not get comfortable.  Well, it turns out my gall bladder is full of stones.  Large and small.  So, I need surgery.  I don't have time for that! 
Next week we will head to Philadelphia where Ember will have her hip surgery on Thurs.  Making decisions for her to have or not have surgery isn't easy.  I hope we are doing right by her. 
After we get home from Philly I will have my turn and have my gall bladder out on Aug. 2.  No one else in the family is allowed to have surgery for a while! 
I will leave you with a collage of Ember.  When we first met her in Ukraine she would try to get us to mimic her faces.  It was sort of coping mechanism for her I think.  A technique to sort of entertain and get attention.  She still loves to imitate faces and I must say she does quite well!  Monkey see, monkey do...


  1. Prayers for you both! It is sometimes very difficult making choices that will make a huge impact in our child's life. All we can do is try to make the best choice and know in our hearts that ultimately we did what we thought was right and then God does the rest.

  2. She's such a precious little treasure! So cute.

    I'll be remembering her in prayer next week! I think little Victoria (wrongin all the right ways blog) recently had the hip abduction surgery, I'm assuming this is what Ember will have too and be in a spica for a while? I wish you all well during the healing time! I know it can be tough!

    Prayers for your surgery as well. Bother of my parents have had theirs out and my sister supposedly needs hers out too. So I expect at some point in my life, this may be on my list of things to do too... haha.

    I think you're doing right by Ember in trying to give her the best chances possible. It isn't easy, but she is blessed that you all were able to get her home at such a young age that she isn't having to go through this as a 7 or 10 year old. Kids are SOO resilient and adaptive and will find a way to work with what they have! They are so easy going about it where as we as adults think and dwell and complain and fight and hesitate. Kids sorta just figure out what will work for them and go with it (even if there are bouts of tears and stress in the iterim!)

    I hope you find peace in knowing you are trying to give her the best possible start to figuring out how to work with what she has as she learns and grows!

  3. Oh that is hilarious! She is too cute!