Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Look at this picture!!
I can not begin to tell you what a big deal this is and how hard this is for her. Normally she needs us to stabilize her rt. knee, or hold her arms - some type of support. I had been able to get her to stand alone for a max. of 5 secs. before her legs give out or she starts crying and panicking to be "all done!". I told her to stand strong so I could tie her shoe and she just kept standing! She stood alone for maybe an entire 60 or 70 secs. That is an eternity for her. I am so proud. She seemed quite pleased with herself! She is a miracle in the making. On another note - we got a letter in the mail yesterday from Shriner's hospital in Erie, PA saying that Ember has an appt. with their upper extremity orthopedic surgeon on May 30. I had applied for care there months and months ago and had sort of written it off but now we go soon! Go Ember!!


  1. omgoodness!!!! YAYYYY Ember!!!! Glad to hear Erie finally got back to you! I hope you're seeing Dr. Cermak! Can't wait to see the video of Ember walking!!

  2. Praising the LORD with you all!!! I love her smile! The kids are going to be SOOO happy to see her smiling and standing on her own 2 feet. You all are doing such a great job with her..... an AWESOME family!! Many hugs, Grace

  3. I haven't looked at blogs in ages...but just wandered on tonight and saw this!!! awesome!!!!