Thursday, December 8, 2011

Happy Birthday sweet baby!

Today is Ember's 2nd birthday! She had no clue :) I'm so grateful that she is home where she belongs. I had to wonder though how her birth mother felt today. Was she sad? Does she wonder where her daughter is? How she is doing? Maybe she doesn't want to remember. I am so proud to be Ember's mom and so happy she won't have another birthday pass without her family.
I'm a lucky momma!


  1. Happy Birthday Ember!! You certainly are blessed with a loving Mama and Papa:)

  2. Happy birthday sweet Ember. May it be the first of many happy ones to come with you family.

  3. Happy Birthday Ember!!! So glad you are celebrating with your very own family this year. Birthday hugs from your friends in WA, The Potvins

  4. Happy Birthday Ember! I am so happy that you are with your family where you belong....

  5. Happy Birthday Sweet Ember!! We miss seeing you all at games :( What a blessing to celebrate Ember all together as a family... just how God planned it!!
    We celebrate Derek on the 8th too!!
    Have a blessed holiday and hope to see you soon.

  6. Belated Bdday Wishes Sweet lil Angel ....Many more gud ones to come with your lovely family.. God Bless ... Hugs nd Kisses from Sydney Au ...