Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Another Philly trip down

Ember had a real quick trip to Philly for her initial fitting for a prosthetic foot. This is how Ember feels about drs. these days!

However, fortunately for her there was no pain this visit. I hope that getting this prosthetic will help Ember start the road to standing up and maybe walking. Our next visit on Nov. 7 will be a big one. She meets with the surgeon for her upper extremities, the surgeon for her lower extremities and she will get to take home her new foot! It will be interesting to hear what the next course of action will be for Ember's treatment. We are also seeing a hand surgeon here locally and getting their opinion on treatment. I can see having to make some decisions in the near future about which course to take, what is best for Ember, what is best for our family, finances, etc. Traveling to Philly is not ideal. It is by no means cheap or convenient. But we have to balance what gives Ember the best outcome. For others who are in same position - how do you decide? How do you manage?
Here are some pictures of Ember's prosthetic fitting.