Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Oh my!

I am embarrassed to see that I haven't posted in so many days! Yikes. Lets see, so we took the train to Kiev on Sat. night and got here Sun. morning. The train ride was a rough one for Ember and she cried much of the way. That was sort of the beginning of her coming to terms with her new reality. Since then she won't eat except maybe a spoonful or 2 of oatmeal. I've not given her any American food so I think she's just to sad and scared. She will drink at least. She also has run a fever for a couple days and today (Tues.) is the first day fever free. When we are in the apartment she shuts down completely. She will fuss or cry until she lays down and she'll shut her eyes and shut out the world. I think she would lay there all day trying to sleep her time away if I let her. If we go out then she is fine and she jabbers and smiles. The minute we're back here, its avoidance-ville.
The last 2 days have been busy with Embassy appts. and medical visits. All formality. It is basically long spans of time waiting and a few minutes of paperwork. Today Ember was issued her Visa to enter the US.
Tomorrow is our big day. We are being picked up for the airport at 4:00 am and we should arrive HOME around 6:50 pm. I'm nervous about keeping her happy for such long flights. Since she won't eat I can't bribe her with food, since she can't move her arms she can't play with toys...poor girl.
I can't wait to be home!

Notice how she carries her left leg! Straight up in the air!


  1. Oh I am definitely going to pray you guys home. Her stomach is probably upset (nerves). Aaron was the same way. He really didn't eat for a week and then it was bit by bit - it is so scary for them. She is free and doesn't know it. I am so excited for her and for you guys. I am hoping that one day we can meet at Shriner's!! You are so close to being home. Even if she screams all the way home.... just keep your eyes on the prize... You are almost home!

  2. Praying for you Lorene and for Ember. It's got to be hard on all of you. Yes, keep an eye on the prize!

  3. Many prayers .... I know you had probably hoped it would be different ... praying tomorrow will be better for all of you. Hugs, Grace

  4. yay! I found you and your sweet blog :) I'll be praying you have safe travels today heading back to the US!

    P.S Did you happen to see a pair of shoes in Eugene's backseat after we left yesterday? I'm thinking Charlotte took them off and I (being the forgetful parent) left them on the ground, I think. Eugene said they weren't in his car... but I can't find them anywhere in the apt.!

  5. So glad U are almost home! Praying that Ember settles in quickly once u are there!
    Love, The Bolands

  6. Hello,
    This is my first time reading your blog. Also, I just finished watching a show in the UK called "Born to be Different" which follows 6 children and their families from birth to ages 10 - one of the children has arthrogryposis so I thought you might be interested in watching it if you can find it online. Prayers for safe travels to the US!