Friday, June 17, 2011

A new Senti

We got up this morning and headed straight to the orphanage to get my new daughter! They were waiting for us and asked me for the clothes I had brought. I even needed to provide a diaper for her! Ember wanted to come to me right away! Once I had her in my arms all her caregivers were asking her for kisses. She wasn't much interested though so we said goodbyes and headed out. Once outside I gave my mom my camera so she could video us leaving through the gates. She also took a couple pictures and we were on our way. We caught the bus back to the apartment and Ember was doing great. Until I tried to put her down in the apartment. She had herself a good long cry. Then we cleaned up and left for a bit of shopping - a new suitcase to help bring home extra goods :) We got back here for lunch and Ember ate a big lunch for me and is now currently napping. I decided to check out the video my mom took this morning of us leaving the orphanage for good to discover that she didn't hit the record button! Seriously! The once in a lifetime event has been missed. I hope her pictures turn out on her camera cause its all we have.
Ember is a funny little character with a lot of personality. I can't wait to get her home! Tomorrow we catch the long train to Kiev. On Monday and Tues. we have Embassy appointments and then we hope to fly home Wed!!


  1. I hate that about the video, too. Maybe the pics are good though. With Ember in them, how could they not be...she's precious!

  2. She is gorgeous! I'm so happy for you. :)

  3. YAY!!! So happy all went well and you will be home soon!

    Pray for those of us desperately trying to get to U before it shuts down in July...


  4. So glad to know "its over" glad your baby girl is finally with her mom... tell your mom, its mom has done the same thing before... not hit the record button! Cant wait to see how yours at home adjust to another baby!! Have fun on the last part of this trip!

  5. YES!!!!! You're another step closer to hopping on a long flight home with that sweetheart of a daughter of yours. Lorene and Thad we are so happy for you and are so glad we got to meet you. I'm sure we'll bump into each other in Philly sometime. Hugs to your mom, I'm sure she felt really bad about the video. Sounds like something I would do. David will return on the 28th for Ethan.

  6. Congratulations! I am so happy for you Lorene. Looking at your pictures of the orphanage brings back so many memories. Crying happy tears for you! You'll be home with your daughter soon :)

  7. Congratulations on your new little Senti :-) Hoping the trip home is quick and easy.


  8. Congratulations Senti's!! What a joy it is to watch God's plan for precious Ember unfold. Praying God's richest blessings on your family as the story continues. We are excited to meet her and we pray for safe travels as you bring her home.
    The Ohlman's

  9. Yes I felt terrible about the video! I offered to go back so we could do a replay of the event. I guess I was so excited and I thought I had pushed the record button. I hope too that my pictures turned out. I took a lot of them during the leaving process. It was a wonderful experience to be with my daughter during the final process of the adoption. It is something I will never forget and am grateful for that opportunity. Ember is absolutely beautiful and captured my heart immediately. How thankful we are to God for bringing her into our hearts and our family!
    Gramma G