Monday, June 27, 2011


How sweet it is to be home! Lets see, in my failure to keep this blog updated I have several days to catch everyone up on. Our flights for home began on Wed. June 22 at the early hour of 3:30 am. The flight from Kiev to Munich was uneventful. We did not have seats on our flight from Munich to Chicago so once landing there we set about to getting seats. Luckily we were able to get 3 seats together. However, they were the middle 3 of the center row of 5. 9 1/2 hrs. stuck in the middle. I can't complain one bit about Ember as a traveler. She had her moments of fits and tantrums but gosh, I don't blame her one bit! Customs was a breeze in Chicago but as we were getting our luggage ready for the last leg to MI we were informed we wouldn't make our flight and the earliest they could get us out would be the next morning! That didn't go over so well! I asked if we could try and she said go for it but that our luggage surely wouldn't make it. We took off running. Then we had to wait to get through security again, then more running. As we got to the gate the door was still open so we were able to get on! Phew. It was so wonderful to see everyone at the airport waiting for us.
Since being home we have seen great changed in Ember. On Thurs. she went right to the dr. because she has a terrible cough and ear infection. She sleeps fine at night but she will only eat oatmeal yet for us. Any chunky texture comes right out - or more likely she won't even try it. The first few days she cried all the time when awake. Now she is a delight. She wakes up happy and goes to bed happy. She loves being out in the stroller. LOVES IT! Funny story - so I have a new side by side double stroller for the girls. We took the kids to the store and were browsing the isles when we heard Ember fussing a bit. We glanced down and noticed that Sienna had taken Ember's leg - the one missing the foot - and was happily sucking on poor Ember's little stub of a foot! Oh gosh it gave us such a laugh. Sienna was relentless though and despite our efforts kept at it so we had to switch sides so Sienna can't reach that leg.
It is hard work having Ember here. I am tired. It is worth it. She is a gem and we are only starting to see what she is about.


  1. WOW! you make me tired just reading about your tales! I know Ember is a much happier little girl at your home and Sienna will benefit from having a lil sis too! Good Luck to all of you!

  2. That's the picture I've been waiting to see!! Sweet sisters! :)

  3. Too Cute! And too funny!! I'm with Sarah... That is a picture I've been waiting to see! So glad she is so happy now. Praise the Lord ... answer to my prayers. Hugs, Grace P.S. Did they fit?

  4. It always amazes me how our kiddos look like they just belong right here when I see the "we're home" photos - like we have been saving their "spot" for them! Glad to hear that Gerry is not the only one who thinks oatmeal is the bomb - if you come across any hints/tricks, let me know :)
    (a little pureed cottage cheese and/or fruit and or veggies and/or peanut butter works well in the oatmeal. Ha ha - I've even added a little pureed chicken or organic hot dog!)