Thursday, June 16, 2011

Big long day, poor scared baby!

Today was an long long day. We were picked up by our facilitator around 7:45 am and headed straight to the orhpanage. We were to pick up Ember and take her to the passport photo place. We were waiting in the common area when they brought her to me. She instantly knew something was up. She started to wimper and cry softly. We took her to the car and that did nothing to reassure her! The entire drive the poor girl tried to be brave. She fought crying for everything she had. She mostly wimpered and needed to be help closely. After the picture taking we brought her back to the orphanage. Then the marathon truly began. We go back and pick up the pictures, then head to the local passport agency. Wait an hour or 2 in the HOT sun, sign papers, then take them to regional passport agency. Drop off papers and head to bank. Sit inside bank for 2 hrs. while they close the account in Ember's name. Drive back to regional office and pick up passport! Oh yes, and the best news - we were able to get Ember's new social security number in just 1 day. Yes, we had been told there was no way to to get it quicker than next Tues. Our facilitator walked in to the office and walked out a short while later with the best news - she was able to get it right then and there! She said that never happens. By about 4:00 pm we were done with business and Ember is ours! We decided to let her have a last night at the orphanage and come in the morning and pick her up.

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