Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Speaking of Ember...

I have a new picture to share! Here she is!!

Oh my goodness! I can hardly stand it. The expression on her face just makes me want to scoop her up and comfort her. I pray she has someone to reassure her, to wipe her tears. I know she is in God's hands. I know this adoption is in God's hands. Please pray that we can come up with the money we need so we can travel when we get the go ahead.

"Some luck lies in not getting what you thought you wanted but getting what you have, which once you have got it you would have wanted had you known."
Garrison Keillor

That phrase above is EXACTLY what I feel about Sienna. When she was born, I just didn't know. I didn't know how much of an impact she would have on me, on my life. I wouldn't trade her for anything. I can't wait to see what Ember teaches me and my family. I know she will bless us in ways I just can't even imagine right now.

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  1. Oh, Lorene I have tears in my eyes. She's so beautiful, and her expression just begs you to hold her. Her eyes really pull you in. I recognize that blue background from Caroline's newest picture. I don't have Facebook, but if you do you might get more giveaway traffic if you post it there and ask your friends to repost on their pages. It seems the world revolves around FB! I'm going to post a link on my blog. I don't have many followers but you never know who might see it. :)

  2. Such a soulful look! Poor baby! You are so lucky to have gotten updated pictures. I have no idea how little Moira is doing!


  3. oh that picture is so sweet! Her face is so sad but not for long! She will be all smiles before you know it! I SO wish I had an updated picture of Kareen! We hear it is not something her orphanage does! You should see about trading the orphanage for that dress she is wearin gbecause it is so precious!

  4. Oh Lorene she's sooo precious! You're so lucky to have extra photos. I cannot wait to get together again after your sweet girl is home. I want to participate in your fundraiser - I'll be back when I have some money :)

  5. She's beautiful .... can't wait until she has her mommy to hold her. ~ Grace

  6. She is so beautiful! She doesn't know it yet but soon she will be getting lots of love from her mom, dad, siblings and extended family! We can't wait to see her. Let's hope it isn't long before she arrives here at home.