Saturday, April 23, 2011


Christ my Lord paid the ultimate sacrifice for me. Tomorrow we will celebrate His resurrection. Thank you God for my Savior.
As I reflect on Easter and what it means to me it helps put things into perspective for me. I admit to being a bit obsessed lately over our financial situation and the adoption. It has become much more of a focus for me than it should and I am losing sight of the adoption itself. God brought Ember to us. This adoption is without a doubt something that God is orchestrating. Why then would I not trust that He won't provide for us financially too? He has brought us this far - His hand has been all over our adoption process. He will see us through.
Today - on the eve of my Savior's resurrection - I turn over my worries. I will enjoy to the fullest the process leading to our daughter.
Tomorrow will be a great day - my Lord has risen!
I will leave you with a picture for cuteness sake! Sienna will be a wonderful "big" sister - they will practically be twins - only 6 mos. apart! Fun!


  1. Sienna is a cutie pie!! :) Next Easter, I hope we both have our 31 girls home and all dressed up for church. My mother already bought Caroline a dress...

  2. Sienna will be a wonderful big sister! Can't wait to see them together!

  3. SO cute, they will be adorable together. Maybe we can catch you guys over there! =)

  4. It's so easy to lose focus on Him when there's "so much to do". Praying you keep Christ your main vision ... then all the rest will fall into place. can't wait to see your "twins" together! With love and prayers, Grace