Friday, April 1, 2011

Dossier has arrived!

These papers represent a lot of sweat and tears. Compiling a dossier is time consuming, frustrating, a pain in the "you know what" (but totally worth it) and I am so HAPPY to have it out of my hands and in the hands of Ember's country. The relief is huge. This was the last step for us until we travel to get our girl! The next step is that our dossier - or paperwork - will be submitted to the Eastern European government of Ember's country. This will HOPEFULLY happen on Apr. 14. The government is closed to accepting new dossiers for the next 2 weeks so the 14th will be the earliest we could be submitted. Fingers crossed and prayers being said! Once we are submitted we will be given travel dates. This spring could be very exciting indeed! We just can't wait to have Ember here at home.

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