Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Today is a BIG day

Today we took a huge step towards getting our adoption nearer completion. I sent in our completed homestudy along with our i-600a application to USCIS for approval. Now we wait. The timing of getting this approval is totally out of our hands unfortunately. Pray for a speedy return of our coveted "golden ticket."

Monday, February 14, 2011

And the winner is...

Our watch giveaway has come to an end. Ultimately the winner is Ember. We are blessed to have people who care enough to donate to help bring her home. A million thank yous to everyone who donated during this giveaway. Every dollar is so appreciated and I wish I could give you ALL the watch.
So, back to the winner of the watch! We had 14 contributors to this giveaway with a total of 149 entries! What a great story to be able to tell Ember some day. So, with the help of Random.org picking the winner - I am happy to announce that Rachel and Roy Pereira won the watch. Congratulations Rachel and Roy.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Watch Giveaway

Click above to get details on how to win a lovely watch. Go HERE to donate!


I know people wonder. Why would we CHOOSE to add not only another baby to our family but a HANDICAPPED baby. A baby who we know so little about. A baby that is going to cost us more money than we have to bring her home. A baby that will need many hours of medical care and attention.

Sienna has taught me why. Imagine looking at her and seeing nothing of value. Seeing only shame and a burden. A life not worth living. Sienna has given me more in 18 mos. that I will ever be able to give her.
In Ember's home country children like Sienna and Ember are usually thrown away. Rejected. Our eyes are open now. I've seen and read how these children are treated. What their lives will be like if not adopted. I can not turn away from that knowledge. I can't make a difference for all the children who need help, but I can help one.
Look at her face. She looks so concerned. So worried.

This process is hard. It is humbling. Looking at her face, I know it is worth it.