Monday, December 6, 2010


Writing this post seems surreal. It wasn't anything I expected to do - ever really. Something changed. Sienna was born. My eyes were forced open to some harsh realities. Children with special needs in eastern Europe (and other places) are looked upon as lesser. Lives NOT worth caring for. God calls us to care for the widows and orphans. I feel like God gave me the knowledge of the conditions these kids live in. Now it is up to me to act on that knowledge. I won't turn my back.
I was finished having children when my 3rd son Ashton was born. My life was in a good place. I had just gone back to work and was moving into "the next phase" of my life. Then, 8 yrs. after having my last baby we find out we're expecting again. Oh dear! It wasn't at all in my plan. Sienna was born with down syndrome. Again, NOT my plan. It was very difficult news. God knew better. He know that we needed her. Sienna is a treasure and an amazing gift.
I began struggling with the thought of treasures like Sienna wasting away in orphanages and institutions. Treasures that have so much value but no one willing to discover them. I began to pray. And pray. Thad was not open to adopting. I wanted a sister for Sienna. I wanted to open my home to an orphan who needs one. God answers prays. Thad began to understand. We have decided to take a leap. A huge, scary leap of faith. I am certain God wants us to do this. We have love, we have room, we can be a good family for another child.
Watch this. Our daughter is over "there". Alone. We are going to go get her.

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